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"Contact a Florida criminal defense lawyer before contacting a bail bondsman."


When a loved one is arrested in Florida one of the first priorities is to get him or her out of jail. Depending on the circumstances he or she may be released on his or her own recognizance, granted bail, or denied bail.

If the charges are not very serious the criminal defendant may be released on his or her own recognizance. That means that the defendant is allowed to leave with no bail as long as he or she agrees to come back to future Court dates.

If the charges are more serious a bail may be granted. Bail is sum of money deposited or pledged to the Court as a guarantee that the defendant will appear to future Court dates. Florida has guidelines that set the amount of the bail depending upon the crime; however, the bail amount could vary based on the circumstances of the case. If the defendant posts the whole bail with the Court it will be refunded once the case is closed.

If the a defendant is unable to pay the full bail amount on his or her own, he or she may need to hire a bail bondsman. The bail bondsman will guarantee the bail amount in exchange for a non-refundable fee. The normal fee that bondsman charge in Florida is ten percent of the bail amount. That fee is non refundable.

However, bondsmen are not lawyers. They cannot represent anyone in court, and there is no attorney-client privilege. So anything that you tell them they can repeat to police and prosecutors. 

In Florida, a bail to bond out on can be denied for a number of reasons. Click here to read about bail bond holds.

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