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"If you are facing jail time you need to contact a Florida criminal defense attorney immediately."


You should contact a criminal defense attorney immediately if you are charged with a crime that could potentially result in a jail sentence. If you have already been convicted of a crime in Florida and sentenced to serve time you should speak to an experienced lawyer regarding appeals or other possible post judgment relief.

If you know are being held in custody for a crime that you allegedly committed, or if you were already convicted of a crime and sentenced, you may be held in a County jail or a prison depending on the nature of the charges. In Florida, there are several key differences between jails and prisons.


Florida County jails are generally managed by the Sheriff's department in the County where they are located. The inmates may be awaiting sentencing, or have been sentenced to serve a year or less. Below is a list of County jails in Florida by County. Click on the County link below to look up the address, phone number, and web page of the County jail in the County where the defendant was arrested or charged.


Prisons in Florida are managed by the Florida Department of Corrections. The prison inmates have already been convicted and sentenced, usually for a felony, to serve more than a year. Click on the County link below in order to search the Florida Department of Corrections prison inmate information.