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Clay County Bail Bondsman

When an individual is arrested for a crime in Clay County, that person will typically be taken to a local law enforcement station for booking. After booking the defendant is taken to the Clay County Jail to wait until they can be bailed out.

In Clay County, the defendant is usually brought before a judge within 24-48 hours of being arrested. At this hearing the defendant should have an attorney present. A criminal defense attorney can request a bond, request a lower bond, or request that the defendant be released on his or her own recognizance and avoid having to post a bond.

At this hearing the defendant will be notified of his or her next court date. If an criminal defense attorney is present and files his Notice of Appearance, the attorney will receive the notice of the future Court hearing as well, and that will help assure that an arrest warrant will not be issued at the next hearing date for failure to appear.

The Florida bail bond system is designed to guarantee the appearance of a criminal defendant in court at the time the judge directs, once the defendant is released from jail. If you need the services of a Clay County bail bondsman to secure the release of the defendant you should contact your criminal defense attorney to refer you one, or search for one on the internet.